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    Final Fantasy XV OST: Dawn

    Final Fantasy Xv Ost: Dawn

    28 December 2016
    Final fantasy xv ost from the ultimate collectors edition of the game i do not own the rights to this music i simply provide its magnificence for all to enj...
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    FINAL FANTASY XV – Dawn Trailer | PS4

    Final Fantasy Xv – Dawn Trailer | Ps4

    05 August 2015
    playstation en us games final fantasy xv ps4 the destiny of the stars is set in motion 15 years before the events of final fantasy xv as the shadow of t...
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    FINAL FANTASY XV - Dawn 2.0 Trailer

    Final Fantasy Xv - Dawn 2.0 Trailer

    17 September 2015
    The destiny of the stars is set in motion 15 years before the events of final fantasy xv this updated cut of the dawn trailer reveals new footage of the ...
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    FINAL FANTASY XV – Dawn Trailer

    Final Fantasy Xv – Dawn Trailer

    05 August 2015
    The destiny of the stars is set in motion 15 years before the events of final fantasy xv as the shadow of turmoil is cast over the land there is hope on the h...
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    FFXV Dawn of the Future the canceled DLC new canon ending

    Ffxv Dawn Of The Future The Canceled Dlc New Canon Ending

    11 March 2020
    Read it for free higharollakockamamie tumblr tagged ffxv dawn of the future why coudnt they have just let us explore the ruined world it hurts why ar...
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    Final Fantasy XV OST   Song of the Stars   Dawn

    Final Fantasy Xv Ost Song Of The Stars Dawn

    20 August 2017
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    Yoko Shimomura - Song of the Stars / Dawn

    Yoko Shimomura - Song Of The Stars / Dawn

    28 January 2017
    final fantasy xv order final fantasy xv here http finalfantasyxv en buy official website http finalfantasyxv facebook facebook ffxv twitter ...
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    Final Fantasy XV - Dawn 2.0 Trailer

    Final Fantasy Xv - Dawn 2.0 Trailer

    17 September 2015
    Noctis and luna reflect on the tragic events of their respective pasts ...
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    Aranea Highwind Full Movie│final Fantasy Xv, Dawn Of The Future, Episode Prompto, Ffxv: Comrades

    09 November 2020
    All cutscenes dialogues interactions and references of aranea highwind to give you the full story of her character time stamp 00 01 chapter 3 f...
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    FFXV: Dawn of the Future REVIEW/DISCUSSION w/ Spoiler Warning

    Ffxv: Dawn Of The Future Review/discussion W/ Spoiler Warning

    19 July 2020
    Hey remember me i read a book its weird heres why also heres my source to where i consider whats canon and whats not no its not scholarly but its ...
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Top Comments On Final Fantasy Xv Dawn

    Gustavo Ballmann Feistauer: FFVersusXIII was the real history, then, FFXV is the history with cuts and holes, and Dawn of The Future is trying to fit those holes and cuts, but it's to late to fix, FFVersusXIII would be one of the best games ever, but Square gave us FFXV, a good game, nothing more than that

    ferdyX93: I completely agree with you and I m glad they did’t butcher this already flawed game with episode Luna ( if you have to completely change a character ‘s motivation to make her a bit interesting you’d better give up accept that you failed with that character and move on )and Noctis too bad for the Aranea episode cause it had good ideas ( a character with great aerial movement like Aranea fighting Diamond Weapon would have been so cool to play ) also the scene of Noctis inside the Crystal would have made his character development much better and believable as for the Bahamut villain thing I like that they did’t go with it since it would cheapen Ardyn as a villain IMO and Ardyn deserves to be the final villain of the game to make it stand out more among the other titles, he is much more unique and compelling than another JRPG god ( which is not even a new character btw)wanting to destroy humanity just because

    谢佳俊: I just wish ffxv dawn of the future have comics book I hate read novel lol.

    Overlord James: apparently in episode Ardyn you find out that Bahamut is an ass that wants all the land controlled by the gods path that they laid out for the people. this fighting destiny thing is a theme that a lot of stories in japan have and I don't think its bad. plus he only brought back Lunafreya to stop them from fucking up the gods plan for the world so I say fuck him and the horse he road in on. especially since he threw a baby fit and said he was gonna destroy the world when the people did not want to be controlled.

    Crunchy lxrd: i had no choice but to watch this video. thank you.

    frannkenshrooom: Would this be a good gift for someone who's favorite game is FFXV

    Caspian Light: Unpopular opinion: I kinda approve the story xD

    HwoarangGamer: I'm disapointed with Square-Enix! They screw up with history, cancel important DLCs and release a book with the DLC content?! A canon ending in a book?! F**K YOU, SQUARE-ENIX! All of this should be in the game, not in a book! I'm very disapointed a lot! Square should release this DLCs in the future. But, i think that will never happen. Sad...

    Joaquín Hoult: I've always been a big FFXV fan, I really don't dig any other rpg's or FF's in general, but there is just something with this game that makes me want to love it every time I play it. When I heard about The Dawn of the Future DLC's being cancelled, I felt a giant empty hole in my chest, like if it were the end of the world. Now that I finally see this review, I'm kinda glad (I think) that episodes Lunafreya and Noctis never saw the light, it would've been a big dissapointnent (really sad about episode Aranea tho). In the end, thank you for this video, I'm going to Amazon right now to get the book because I sort feel like I own it to this game haha, it at least seems to be a nice FFXV-reading experience, and as a fan, I couldn't be more excited.

    Miln 25: Thank you. You saved me time and money and I'm glad you explained it.

    Luis Alexis Carpio Zamora: Always a good critic is welcome. i wish could write what i think about FFXV (I like it, but i know the flaws), but english isn´t my native language, and i a lazy person lol. Nice review.

    Richard: I'm pretty sure that the people who disliked this didn't even bother to watch the whole video. Thank you! This was very concise and informative! I remember reading somewhere saying that this is FFXV's team's way of making it up to the fans who were dissatisfied with the game's pacing and ending (myself included). The game just did such a bad job of telling us Noctis' destiny in a rushed, linear fashion the moment you enter Altissia. While cliche, I'd like to think of this as the canon ending because the original story was just so lackluster.

    HELLISH: I don't know why them random dudes disliked this video, I get ur point. I too love ffxv a lot it's my fav in the series may not even be the close to rest but still great in my eyes.
    I completely agree with vague good ending ass pull being lazy, they could have done way better though. But what is done is done.

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