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Almost everyone loves a massage.  Human touch can be very powerful – especially when it's used to alleviate tense muscles and chronic pain.  Massage can relieve stress and tension in nearly everyone.  It also has many, many therapeutic properties that can help with pain for almost every problem.

Some people, myself included, might say that there's no such thing as a bad massage.  But there is a difference between a good massage and a GREAT massage!

The tools and techniques for giving a great massage can be learned by anyone.  Even if, in the past, you thought you had two left thumbs and didn't have a knack to give anyone a massage, you can still easily learn how to give a great massage.

With This Book, I Can Show You How!

The truth is that massage therapists really only use a handful of techniques to give an amazing professional massage.  And those techniques can be learned and practiced by anyone.  You don't need a pair of golden hands to give a massage like a pro, you just need to have the information.

You could spend hours and hours reading and practicing until your hands hurt, but why should you when I can show you how to give a great massage with this amazing new book, “Massage Therapy:  Learn to Give a Massage Like a Pro”.

This Book Could Change Your Life!

How could a simple 60 page guide to giving a great massage change your life?  It's simple really.  Look at some of the benefits of receiving a massage:

  • Improved circulation

  • Less stress

  • Release of powerful “feel good” endorphins

  • Prevent injuries

  • Speed up healing

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • And so much more!

When you feel good and have less stress, your life will improve. You'll be more open to new ideas and be willing to take on new risks that you otherwise might shy away from.  That can be life changing – can't it?

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on professional massages.  Learn the techniques that the professionals use, share the information and you and your loved ones can benefit more than you can ever know.  Who can benefit from massages?  Everyone!  In this book, you'll learn:

  • Giving great massages to adults

  • Baby massage techniques

  • Pregnant women massage   

  • Even Self-Massage

That's right!  You can experience the benefits of massage by giving it to yourself!  Plus, this book goes even further as it explores acupressure.

Acupressure, like acupuncture, concentrates on specific areas of the body that have a connection to other parts of the body.  Instead of using needles, acupressure utilizes the application of human touch by applying pressure to these parts of the body for healing and wellness.

Stop Your Pain Immediately and Naturally!

We'll even show you what parts of the body to concentrate on with acupressure to control pain associated with:

  • Weight control

  • Chronic back problems

  • Headaches

  • Migraines

  • Stress

I couldn't believe this book when I first read it.  I really couldn't believe it when I put the information inside to use and found out that even I can give a great massage – at least that's what I've been told!

Listen to what Cheryl from Michigan told me after she read this book:

“I was always begging my husband to give me a good
massage when my back problems would act up.  I had
tried everything and wasn't too crazy about taking more
medication to alleviate the pain.  A friend of mind was finding
some relief through professional massage, but we couldn't
afford that for as much as I needed.

Unfortunately, my husband just wasn't giving me the type of
massage that helped.  He tried, but he just didn't know what
He was doing.

Then I found this book.  I read it and taught him some of the
techniques that were recommended.  I was absolutely amazed
And became pain free after just a half hour massage! 

He's decided he loves giving massages as much as getting them.
We're both so happy that we found this amazing book.  Thank
you so much!

Cheryl From Missouri

Like we said before, all people can benefit from massage, the elderly, those with disabilities, and even babies.  Doctors are saying that baby massage could be the answer to a colicky baby who just won't sleep or the child who is having trouble digesting food.  In fact, Olivia in Utah gave her baby a massage using the steps outlined in this book.  Here's what she had to say:

“Liam hadn't slept but about three hours in two nights.
I was at my wit's end.  I tried everything to comfort him:
walking, swinging, singing, warm baths, etc.  Nothing
worked.  It was so frustrating.

My husband had originally order this book for himself
and I knew it was on his computer.  He mentioned
something about baby massage and I blew it off as a
crazy idea.  With the ideas I already had about massage,
it just didn't fit in with the thought of doing those same
things to a baby.

One night when I had finally gotten Liam to sleep for a
Few hours, I decided to open up the book and read about
this craziness of baby massage.  About 10 minutes into
the book, Liam began wailing again.

I picked him up and decided why not.  I read the first
step and tried it on him.  It seemed to help a little bit.
I kept reading and implementing what that section said.
By the time I was done, Liam wasn't only quiet, but he
was sleeping more peacefully than I had ever seen him
sleep before.

All I could say was “Wow!”  Now we use baby massage
all the time – even when he's not fussy.  It's a great way
to really connect and feel the parent/child bond.

I don't know where we'd be if Paul hadn't bought this book!”

Olivia From Utah



So you see, there can be simple answers to life's problems.  Just relax and let things go for just a little while.  Only long enough to get a massage and let the healing start!

There are two different kinds of massages:  therapeutic and sensual.  Sensual massage is usually done between consenting partners to achieve a new level of intimacy in a relationship.  In fact, when you practice sensual massage, you can:

  • Increase your ability to connect with your partner in a much deeper way.

  • Build new trust and learn more about each other (touch is language all it's own)

  • Explore the beauty of our bodies in more detail

  • Make your partner feel good at anytime with a natural way to enhance pleasure

  • Expand and heighten your sensual connection with each other

This book teaches the fine points of sensual massage including ways to set the ambiance of the area and the best places to work on during a sensual massage.  Massage oils can deepen the intensity of this and we cover not only which ones are best to use, but how to make your own massage oil and save the expense.

You Just Won't Find This Much Information
in One Place Anywhere Else

What kind of a price tag can you put on a product like this?  I thought about that too.  A professional massage can cost up to $100 per hour.  If you were to look to books and magazines to get this information, you could spend twice that, but now you don't have to.

Right now, I am offering this great book to you for only $17.  You'll get everything you're looking for and so much more!  And, what's even better yet is that I'm attaching my very own iron-clad guarantee.  When you order “Massage Therapy:  Learn to Massage Like a Pro”, you can do so with confidence because I guarantee this book!

In Fact, I Guarantee This Book 100 Percent!

Our Famous, 100%, 90 Day Money-Back 
Clear As Black-And-White Guarantee!

If After Using What You Learn From My Book, You Don't Learn How To Successfully Message Like A Professional, I'll personally Buy My Book Back From You & You Get A 100%, No-Hassle Refund!

('And you can even keep the book for free
as a thank you for trying it out!')


At just $17, I'm betting that this is the bargain of the century!  We've taken what you need from all the best resources and put it into an easy-to-read format that comes straight to your e-mailbox when you order.

There's no technical language and no medical mumbo jumbo (except for maybe a couple of words!).  Anyone can read this book and instantly understand what it says.  It teaches you in everyday words for everyday people how to give great massages.

Stress-free and pain-free days are just ahead for you and your loved ones.  Order “Massage Therapy:  Learn to Massage Like the Pros” right now to get started.  You owe it yourself!

Warmest regards,

Harry Johal
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