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Who's Amit Varma? Well he's the debutant who plays Vidya Balan's love interest in the recently released 'Kismat Konnection'! Aziz Mirza's son spotted Amit Varma whom he felt would look good opposite Vidya in the film. After bagging the role, when Amit came face to face with Vidya for his first scene, he was understandably quite anxious and nervous!! All his scenes were with either Vidya or Shahid. However Vidya and Shahid went out of their way to put him at ease and help the rank newcomer out with his scenes!!!

We hear Amit is extremely thankful to his affable co-stars. "They and Director Aziz uncle put me at ease and helped me with the rehearsals. The encouraging gestures from Aziz uncle, Vidya and Shahid went a long way in boosting my confidence! I'm very excited about my debut"

Well, acting opposite such a lovely co-star like Vidya, we are sure you must've had some jitters which surely must have eased by now!!!

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