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  1. Book talks The Sandbox Wars with Author Stephane Payne
  2. Book talks Angry Enough To Kill with Author S. J Dunn
  3. Book talks Bone Song with Author B A GoodJohn
  4. Book talks with Author Dean Robert
  5. Book talks with Authro J J Stone
  6. Book talks with Authro Tim-Flanagan
  7. Book talks with Authro/Astrologer Susan Hayden
  8. Book talks with Authro James Martinez
  9. CEO Ken Dunn Next Century Publishing
  10. Psychic lawyer Mark Anthony New Book talks
  11. Mike Ferry Kids Book Author Happiness and Innovation
  12. Book Talks with Banjamin Donat
  13. Dr. Constance Scharff talks about Addiction Treatment
  14. DR Robert Brown Author WHY ?
  15. Michael & Alecia Matson Raven's Tears Author
  16. Susannah Cord Author Each Wind That Blows
  17. Phil Parkar Book Author /Speaker
  18. Enchanted Silence with Book Author Priyanka Yadvenu
  19. Belinda Farrell Book Author and Healer
  20. Political Personality & Book Author Tom Ufert Political Craps
  21. Talks with Terry Pappas
  22. Talks with Nancy Young Novel Strum
  23. Talks with Dr. Shaunte McFarland
  24. Home Town All Star Book Series with Kevin Christofora
  25. Laurie Burton Actress / Speaker/Author Hollywood Producer
  26. Author, Cher Slater Barlevi talks about her novel
  27. Book Author Nancy Hartwell HArem Slave
  28. Book Author William Turner
  29. Book Author Donna W. Hill The Heart of Applebutter Hill by Donna W. Hill
  30. Book Author Glenn Maynard Paranormal Romance book Desert Son
  31. Book Author Yveta Germano Recklessly Yours
  32. Book Author Barbara Archer Author/Radio Personality
  33. Book Author Mathias B. Freese new book talks I Truly Lament
  34. Book Author Norma Yaeger Breaking Down the Walls
  35. Book Author Marc Zimmerman
  36. Book Author Dan Willis BulletProof Spirit
  37. Book Author Dianna T. Benson International Best-Selling Suspense Author
  38. Book Author Walt Biondi About His New Book
  39. Book Author Lee Fishman New Book Talks
  40. Michael Datcher new book AMERICUS
  41. Jana Petken On her New Book Mercy Carver
  42. Brian K. Moore Book Author and former manager to Beyonce
  43. Singapore Journalists Gurdip Singh & Sameer C Mohindru
  44. Debra Rogers Author/Film Script Analyst He Did You A Favor
  45. James Evangelidis Maze Of Keys Author
  46. The Maybelline Prince : DANN? MONTAGUE-KING
  47. STEPHANIE OSBORN, Interstellar Woman of Mystery
  48. Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony from US
  49. Book Author Changing Lanes from Hell to Heaven
  50. WorldWar 3 Author James Strait
  51. Music Legend Garry US Bonds Biography Release
  52. Acting Coach Cynthia White on her acting Book
  53. Book Author With Unwashed Hands
  54. Book Author Blackjack Dealer, Casino Expert Connie Allen
  55. Book Author /Actress Suzanne Sumner Ferry
  56. Book Author Michaelbrent Collings
  57. Hollywood Actress Diane Franklinon her Book
  58. Hollywood Veteran Actor Alex Cord New Book
  59. Zoltan Istvan The Transhumanist Wager
  60. Joe Crawford Canadian Talk Show Host
  61. Philo Music Therapy by Art Davis
  62. Speaker-Coach Corey Poirier from Canada
  63. Dan Haight Author Flotilla & Iron Mountain
  64. Benjamin Gorman The Sum Of Our Gods
  65. Gary Kaskel on Monsters & Miracles
  66. Author Trinisse Chanel
  67. James Arena on Legends Of Disco
  68. Jack Engelhard Author Indecent Proposal
  69. Jerry Hansley - Henry Clay:Compromise and Ambition
  70. Pablo Picasso/ Stephane Manova about Novel Cronus
  71. Cory Williams Actor & Author
  72. Authors Lisa and Dave on Writing Saving Jackie K
  73. Author Michael William speaks on Great Kids in History
  74. Dr Lesley Phillips Meditation Expert and Healer
  75. Author PeterG on his Book Hannah Singer, Celestial Advocate
  76. When Duty Calls Author FAith DeVaux
  77. Kim Ades President Founder Frame Of Mind Coaching
  78. Life Extention With Dr Mike Smith
  79. James Goi Jr How to Attract Money Using Mind
  80. P.G. Callahan (Author)Diary of a Bullied Girl
  81. The Last Keeper Author Michelle Birbeck...
  82. Dr Richard Norris on his new book...
  83. Alexandra Allred Speaks about White Trash

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