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Most pollsters have predicted that the Narendra Modi led BJP has an edge
over their rivals in the Lok Sabha Elections, 2014. Shahrukh, the star of
Bakrapur, has observed something similar. The party selection count, i.e.
the number of people choosing to play for Modi, on the Kaun Banega PM?
Android mobile game has revealed that Modi is far ahead of AAP\'s Arvind
Kejriwal, with over 71% more votes that the latter, and INC\'s Rahul Gandhi
as the second runner up, for now. The total number of votes, however, seem
to be monumentally more for Rahul Gandhi, which can be credited to the
strong players choosing him.

Overall, 405 people have chosen to play for Narendra Modi, while 236 have
opted for AAP\'s Arvind Kejriwal. Rahul Gandhi stands third, with only 129
players lending him their support. Mamta Banerjee, Jayalalitha, Mayawati and
Mulayam Singh Yadav were among the other leaders to be featured in the
game\'s leader options.

\"A national level scoreboard has been put up to keep track of the fortunes
of the various contenders on our Kaun Banega PM? game. We have also made
available state wise leads and of course, the highest scores achieved, the
candidate on whose behalf it has been achieved and so on. This will
definitely prove an impetus to individual players to play harder to improve
their individual scores. We are offering a fun way in which to engage with
the political process\", says Rajiv Malhotra, Executive Director, Idea Farms.

Director Janaki Vishwanathan said, \"This is the perfect game to connect with
our audience. With elections coming up, the scores on the Kaun Banega PM?
Game are sure to raise few eyebrows. Numbers speak volumes and the scores
here surely have a lot to say.\"

The new android mobile game launched by the Delhi based company Idea Farms,
in association with the makers of the Shahrukh starrer Yeh Hai Bakrapur,
doubles up as a mock opinion poll that attempts to gauge the political mood
of the nation. Shahrukh, the rock star goat protagonist of the film, plays
the role of a referee in the game. The rules of the game require players to
select the party of their choice and thereafter, collect symbols, fruits and
icons of the party\'s candidates in order to accumulate votes for their
chosen party. They are also required to guard against rotten eggs and also
the symbols of the opposition parties.

The numbers state-wise are even more interesting. In West Bengal, TMC\'s
Mamta Banerjee has swept maximum votes, with majority of players opting for
the party. Jayalalitha is ruling in Tamil Nadu, with Narendra Modi and
Karunanidhi standing 2nd and 3rd. In Maharashtra, too, BJP\'s Modi reign
continues, with the political figure crushing AAP\'s Arvind Kejriwal and
every other candidate.

It is going to be interesting to observe how far the game results mirror
those of Elections, 2014 and if the PM choice that Shahrukh throws up will
be the choice of the nation.

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